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Wisdom literature from both the Old Testament and Second Temple Period may have served as the background to what James writes. The book of James contains more than thirty cross-references to Jewish wisdom literature of the Old Testament or Second Temple period. In James chapter 1, James reveals that testing is to be viewed as occasion for joy because they are an opportunity to endure and prove faith- keeping and because they lead to wisdom (McCartney 85). The purpose of trials is to produce mature Christian character (1:2-4). In verse 2, James commands the Jewish community to “consider” their condition, as a time for joy. To “consider” trials as an occasion of joy involves as act of faith, for instead of looking at the trails, the messianic Jewish community is instead encouraged to look thorough the trails to its potential outcome (McKnight 71). In the Old Testament, Abraham “considered” God faithful and powerful enough to enable Sarah to conceive (Heb 11:11), as Moses “considered suffering for Christ more valuable than the treasure of Egypt (11:26). James urges his reader to consider their trials as an occasion for joy as they look through their trials to their cleansing and sanctifying impact (McKnight 72). James called his audience as “my brothers.” In the Old Testament “brothers” was sued by Israelites to refer to fellow Israelites (Lev, 25:46; Deut.15: 3) (McCartney 85). However, unlike the book of Proverbs or Sirach, James does not address his readers as his children or sons, but employs a term that implies equal footing: “Brothers.”(McCartney 85). James think suffering promote endurance, justice, a life full of love and compassing and peacemaking (McKnight 73). James also teaches that trials are an opportunity for the ... ... middle of paper ... ...and learning about Women Wisdom, I knew that woman wisdom is referring to Jesus. It was interesting to learn and have discussion on the book of Song of Songs because I never had an opportunity to listen to the sermon or bible study on this book. While I was writing Song of Songs paper I also learned how precious and valuable the marriage is to God and how it is gift from Him to us. My favorite part of the class was learning deeper about the suffering. As a Christian, I always question and wrestle with this topic a lot. From this class, I learn what suffering is, how to deal with it. I learn that as Christians, I need to become a wise person and keep asking God for it. I also learned that I could always loose the wisdom. Therefore, I need to walk with God and spend time with him. I also learned that , foolish act can lead to punishment in the future or death.
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