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Suddenly a wave hit splashed on my face and I awoken i looked around it looked like a cave of some sort connected to an ocean. I was trying to figure out why I was here. The man tried to recall his memory all he could remember was him and some man with a pen and then falling into water he started to panick digging thru his pocket a saw his driver license It said Anthony Mead he scanned it more trying to figure out things about himself photo he has short brown poofy hair and looks italian. Anthony thought that going to his home would be the best course of action since he can't remember anything he look around the cave and notice a light coming from the corner anthony got up to walked out the cave on to a onto a grass plains near a highway he walked to to high way to try and find a ride he was waiting for someone to stop until a big van truck came rushing down the side door swung open and a man in a black suit grabs him by his shirt the pulled him into the car the threw him to the ground and pinned Anthony down and tied and blindfolded him anthony sat tied up in the car for a while when the finally stopped Anthony was picked up and brought into a a office they removed the blindfold Anthony squinted his eyes from the bright light and a man walked in front of the light he reached out his hand, Anthony not knowing if to be afraid or attack him somehow. the man said in a deep voice grab my hand Anthony reached out in hesitation he lifted Anthony up he seemed to be pretty strong the man spoke and again. “Hi my name is Galm.” “What am I doing here and why did you kidnap me?” “Kidnap? that wasn't my intention by the way i'm the owner of this company you may have heard it its called the creatures we create a variety of objects for day to da... ... middle of paper ... ...lked over by the big machine when Steven comes into the room with a group of fireflies Anthony! said Steven”You need to get out of here come with us they are trying to use you to take control of the world.” While the two sides fought Galm started to type away on the computer extracting his gene the room slowly became dim for Anthony “Anthony they need to use you to control the earth don't help them come with us and then the world won't be doomed.” “Too late it's already started.” Galm started to smile in a devious way “Finally we’ve extracted to gene and what's special about this gene is its linked to all organisms with this we can control the earth.” As Anthony passed out he heard these words from Galm he knew that he made a big mistake.Because everyone in the room froze still and bowed down to Galm Anthony couldn't even fathom what the rest of the world is like.

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