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1. What sort of information is available on O*NET? http://www.onetonline.org/help/online/ O*NET is a website database that provides information for over 900 occupations and contains 275 descriptions about each profession to employers, job seekers, students, and various users. O*NET is created to be the nation's most comprehensive resource of occupational information, with a database system The database includes information on skills, abilities, knowledges, work activities, and interests associated with professions. The website provides information for employers to determine how to develop an effective job description, improve employing, and design an advancement method in an organization. Students and job seekers, can look at the details of the job, requirements, and education needed in order to accomplish or pursue a profession. 2. What can O*NET be used for by a HR professional? http://www.onetcenter.org/hr.html Human resource professionals can use information from O*NET to determine the essential components of the job performance. The database gives information on employment interviews to human resource personnel. With the information, human resource management can create successful job descriptions simply, increase the number of qualified applicants for vacant positions, and enhance employment and training goals. Managers can successfully use O*NET OnLine to assist in human resource planning, employee re-education, and improve retention. O*NET Toolkit for Business, provides business owners or human resource management an illustration of a successful personnel development strategies and a quick guide in creating precise occupation descriptions. The information provided by O*NET will enhance human resource functions in hiri... ... middle of paper ... ...nting Office, Brentmark Estate Planning Quickview, and Microsoft Great Plains Solomon. In knowledge, it list the information needed to in order to accomplish the job; such as mathematics, economics, accounting, and governmental laws to undertake the job. The skills section, an accountant must be able to, understand writing; manage time, and critical thinking. The next component, abilities, an individual must know how to apply the proper formulas to solve a problem and communicate with others effectively. The rest of the categorizes give general or basic information needed to perform the job. Furthermore, users can view the education requirements, average pay, and associated occupations to accounting. The summary gives an overview of what is required to accomplish a specific job and ais users in the right direction in determining what is essential for the occupation.
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