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We chose to survey the Royer pool in the school of public health. It is the pool in the middle of the building. The room has high ceilings, and steep concrete bleachers on either side of the pools. There are exactly two pools. These pools were built in 1961, and have been lightly renovated to keep up with the new standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The building is located in the middle of the IU Bloomington campus. Across the soccer field from the Kelley School of Business. There is a 1,500 square foot diving pool and a 25 yard lap pool. Each has their own fully submergible chair lift. It is one singular room. As we determined the degree of accessibility for the Royer pool environment we found that due to the ADA of 1990 the recreational facility was out dated, being built in 1960. Noticing that modifications have been made to fit the requirements of the act, this particular room still lacks many areas accessible for people with disabilities such as the only way for spectators to watch are stairways. There are no ramps or elevators accessible for a person in...

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