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Rowing is a cyclic sport made up of two phases, the drive phase and the recovery phase (Hofmijster et al., 2007). The drive phase is defined as the period when the blades are in the water – beginning at the catch, where the oars enter the water, and ending at the finish, where the blades leave the water (Hofmijster et al., 2007). The recovery phase is defined as the period when the blades are out of the water – beginning at the finish and ending at the following catch (Hofmijster et al., 2007). The movement of the blade relative to the water is important as it is responsible for the generation of hydrodynamic propulsion, and therefore this study will focus on the drive phase of the stroke. The interactions that occur between the water and the rowing blade are extremely complex and while our comprehension of these interactions has improved significantly, there is still much to learn (Caplan et al., 2010).
It has been established that the rowing blade acts as an aerofoil, generating hydrodynamic lift through differences in pressure on the surface of the blade (Caplan et al., 2010 & N...

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