romeo and juliet

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Everyone has heard of the love story Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare many of them do not realize that it is not a love story but a tragedy. For years there has been a debate if Romeo and Juliet was a true love story? Romeo and Juliet is not consider a true love story according to many sources. It does not follow the guidelines for a true love story, not realistic; they were also to young to know what love is.
The cultural traditions could have played a role in Romeo and Juliet’s false love. As published in The Brad Graduate Center “The Italian society before used to be very critical and sarcastic to those women who didn’t marry. The families of the unmarried women were very often laughed and teased. There is even and Old Italian saying about it ‘An unmarried woman is like fly with out head’. That is why the most important thing for fathers and brothers was to find for their daughters and sisters in the first place. Usually Italians boys prefer to marry girls from their region. For women the time was not very smart to avoid weddings” (The Brad Graduate Center para. 1). This could have possibly pressured Juliet into marring someone before she was old enough to know what love is. Furthermore, the cultural traditions could of contributed to their so-called love. According to Life in Italy during the renaissance “ modern concepts of marriage as an act of love were just beginning and weddings of the time were more a social contract between two families”(“Life in Italy during the renaissance” para. 6). Romeo and Juliet contradicts this because there wedding was in privet and none of there families knew about it. Also in the play Romeo does not want to tear the families apart but bring them together. The story of Romeo and Julie...

... middle of paper ... story but rather a tragedy. According to many sources Romeo and Juliet is not a love story but a tragedy it followed the guidelines of a tragedy rather than a true love story. Their love wasn’t real. In today’s time this situation would end badly but not this bad per say but it would end badly most of the time.

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