romantic love

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I choose to describe the putative relationship between Adam and Caroline in the movie “Untamed Heart”. It starts off with Caroline in a just ending relationship where she is hung up on the guy that left her. Her friends call her on it and help her refrain from trying to repair it. This guy Adam is a hard working, quiet, shy, very shy especially around Caroline, because he has a serious infatuation about her. Every thing she does he studies. In the beginning of the movie it starts out that he has a deep infatuation with her. He even follows her home without her even knowing, until one day she was almost getting raped, and he saved her because of his infatuation for her. She bandaged him up in her woman caring way and he couldn’t even speak. He just stares at her with a blank look. He has analyzed all of her properties and likes his infatuation of her.
In Nozick’s Chapter “Love Bond” he describes what romantic love is and what it is not. I thought this would be a good movie to relate it to because it’s a romantic love story, about a guy that has a serious infatuation of creating a we with Caroline, who is played by Marissa Tomei. Christian Slater plays the guy Adam. For the remainder of this essay I will refer to them by Adam and Caroline. I reinforce my view that Adam has an infatuation or crush on Caroline because he’s always thinking of her, watching her when she doesn’t know. He’s just daydreaming of the we he would like to create with Caroline. This relates to the way Nozick said, “Love, romantic love, is wanting to form a we with that particular person, feeling, or perhaps wanting, that particular person to be the right one for you to form a we with, and also wanting the other to feel the same way about you.”
The guys that tried to rape her obviously had an infatuation with her, for her characteristics only, her looks. Which turned out to be very unhealthy, but gave Adam his chance to prove his love for Caroline. He rescues her then takes her home to her house. She learns of his infatuation of her after this, which seemed to spook her but she knew it was in a sincere caring way. But I mean following her home, and it took him awhile to get the courage to save her from being raped exposing his infatuation.
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