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In the past decade sport has become a big marketing tool. Selling naming right of the stadium have made the brand of the corporation knowledgeable. It is common to see many corporations are trying to find new stadiums so they can buy the naming rights, and use as an incentive to increase the brand awareness. While some argue that selling naming rights of stadiums will help the corporations to build their business and to create a developed society. However, many believe that the stadiums are used to make cash through corporations; sport has become commercialized. The sport loses its spirit by representing more about products than the sports. People are still debating whether or not stadiums should sell naming rights to corporations. Before 1953, no one would have imagined the debate about naming rights of stadiums; stadiums were used to name after legendary and prominent people and geographic location. Naming rights of stadiums has been a hot topic since 1953. When in 1953, the brewery wanted to buy the naming rights for sportsman’s park, renamed the park as Budweiser Stadium (Trex). Many stadiums are named after the famous sports teams or called when a team wins the tournament, but they were too quick to make the decision of selling the naming right of the stadium. When the New York Yankees won the game, the stadium was named after them, soon after they sold the name Ruth built. Similarly, other stadiums the San Francisco Fabled stick sold their naming right to 3com (Lui). The Washington convention authority sold the naming right for 460 million and the University of Maryland made 20 million from the Comcast Corporation. These companies make more than 40 percent of profit after buying the naming right (Revaz). When it comes... ... middle of paper ... ... the corporations buy the naming rights, then the companies and community both will develop and the corporations can help the public to succeed. Revaz argues that the people will be more aware of the name brand and they will be healthier and engaged in the society. He claims that corporations will help the society in education as well as in general building the community. Naming rights should be sold to corporations and it will help the people, is an arguable point. Selling naming rights to stadiums, will it help the corporation, does it support the community, or they are using as incentive to improve their business is still debatable. According to the author Lui and Baum there is no doubt that the companies assist in the development of a community. However, they are still benefiting from helping. The community buys their product and aids them in improving business.

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