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At the beginning of a project people planed ahead to warranty that they will fulfill the project. They create a plan, a budget, and maybe some research in order to have the best results on the project. For somebody that is thinking in retirement the same must apply but the problems that they mostly faced are age, social security benefits and finances.
A first thing that arises when planning or applying for retirement is to check or see what to expect in terms of benefits from social security. Monica J. Franklin on her article “When Should I Apply For Social Security?” gives a good advice on retirement, she also shows the way the government states retirement age, “This is how it works: if a worker was born in 1937 or earlier, the full retirement age is 65. The full retirement age increases by 2 months each year, until full retirement age reaches 66 for people born 1943-1954. From 1955 until 1959, the full retirement age creeps up by 2 months per year, until 1960. For people born 1960 and later, the full retirement age is 67”(31). What it means is that for someone right now the retirement age is around 65, but it will be increase until it reaches 67.
Got retired at age 65 now is call full retirement that means you are retired at a “normal” age and with normal benefits such healthcare benefits. In addition to some changes made to the retirement age, it began rising the age in which those who were born after 1960 will retire. Those born after 1960 have to wait to retire as Leonard Wiener says in his article “Retiree's Social Insecurity”, “The more recent your birth, the further out your Social Security retirement age”, so for many of the young workers right now the probabilities to retire at 65 are none instead they have to way t...

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...ant to prepare physically and emotionally when stepping into retirement. The article Older Americans Employment And Retirement, mentions the balance in which the transition of being a worker to have a life of more relax and enjoying life from other perspective, “If retirement is anticipated as a desirable life transition or stage under one’s personal control, labor force withdrawal can be seen as a respite from work, providing freedom to pursue other activities or interests, thus promoting their health and well-being”(90).
Living and going trough a retirement process may bring some stressfully moments, but also it may bring peace and relaxation. Retirement is the conclusion of a stage in life and the begging of a new stage. The new stage must be live in peace, joy and without worries. The importance of be preparing well for retirement will make things run easier.
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