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ere were no laws. Even though this was not illegal it would surely be punished by death if perceived, Winston therefore did all that he could do in secrete.

Progressing on with his diary he hears a quite knock on his door, I can imagine him Jumping, and then looking up with a startled glance. He answers the door only to find that it is his neighbor Mrs. Parson, she was having some trouble with her pipes and thought that Winston being a member of the part would be able to help her. Winston however quickly finds himself uncomfortable in Mrs. Parson’s home. Not because of Mrs. Parson or even because of her telescreen, but rather her children who were much more dangerous than perhaps even the telescreen. They were members of a party led group called the Junior Spies, these “spies” are sent out by Big Brother to catch adults in committing thought crime. He has some fears that he has been caught, and duly writes these things in his journal.

The next morning his dreams awake him before the alarm from the telescreen, it was time for his exercises and as he exercised he thought about history. Real history not the over baked and watered down crap that the Party fed everyone. He could remember nothing of Big Brother before 1960, but now it seem that records of his acted had materialized as far back as the thirty’s. As he is thinking he must have slacked off because he is scolded by a voice from the inside of his telescreen.

Winston works in the records department of the Ministry of Truth, his job is to correct “flaws” in history that incriminate the party’s leader Big Brother. The extent of altering goes from the most extreme action of deleting events in the records; to the simple and quite mundane task of simply changing the name of someone mentioned. Winston is starting to get tired of lying for a living. He then retires for lunch and discuses the nature of Oceania’s new official language called “Newspeak”, it seems that the goal of this new language is to completely rule out all possibility of rebellion by eliminating words that pertain to independent thought and action.
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