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In 2009, Dr. Joseph Hankin, President of Westchester Community College for some forty-years and to be outstandingly, influential of the State University System of Schools, offered my person a professorship to teach my "Manuscript to Book" course to the College's students who may have an interest in becoming a published author or playwright.
In the weeks prior my meeting Dr. Hankin to discuss the potentiality of my becoming a professor at the College; I extensively planned for this very exciting meet with Dr. Hankin, one to be for sure, of great importance. I planned to convince Dr. Hankin to allow my to teach this course, in which, later was to successfully be achieved upon the meeting's end, with Dr. Hankin, agreeing to make room in his already established five-year budget, so as to permit my to lecture and teach this very course of great importance and one of extensive value to the student body, we, together, were certain of. At this time, I only possessed a bachelor's degree, and that with my having complete since 1989 some sixty-nine literary works, all published and made available to the consumer literary markets. Though a graduate of the College some fifteen years earlier, Dr. Hankin was very impressed by my publication successes and had read two of my works before meeting with him that day; bot of which are entitled: "Heaven Only Knows: Death of Timeless Innocence; and my first poetry work: "Autumn Flights: A Compilation of Free Flow Poetry.
When we met in his Valhalla, New York office to discuss this opportunity both Dr. Hankin and I were fully aware of the very diverse, and culturally rich in their presence, the Student Body at the College that had much influence in its presence. Dr. Han...

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... I, with great effort, could not find a qualified candidate to replace this editor---who too also was my best friend for nearly thirty years. In addition to this was him having some thirty-two (32) years of editing experiences with many of genre including technical writing (I am experienced in this area as well as with being an expert researcher); and, he was one of an active member in both the theatre scene in New York, all of this success of him, came from the very efforts and experienced my by him and he had endured on some level, of growing up in the very harsh and diversified world of nineteen sixties until his death in 2009.
I hope to one day be given yet other opportunity to teach my "Manuscript to Book" course to students or those interested in becoming well-received-published writers within the mainstream public literary markets around the world!

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