respect for animals

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Human beings and animals always shared a special relationship. Nowadays, more and more people take great importance for animals. Animals have provided to humans the care, love, support, and transportation needs that were necessary. Even though animals are unable to speak in humans' language, they do understand humans' emotions and feelings. Animals such as pets give more respect and affection in return if their caretakers love them and consider them as their own. Since humans are given the ability to differentiate between what is right and wrong, they shouldn't treat any animals badly. People believe some animals should be treated just as well as humans for different reasons. Humans respect animals that resemble them.
Humans interact better with companion animals because they provide emotional and social support. Animals like dogs and cats provide physical and emotional benefits to their owners and are completely faithful to them. People who desire and lack love and affection from their family members and friends can be satisfied from their pets that they share close bond with. Hal Herzog gives an example in "Animals Like Us" about how women respect and love their pets, "A report by the American Animal Hospital Association found that 40 percent of the women they surveyed said that they got more affection from their dogs than from their husbands or children" (246). Pets, such as dogs, offer more company and support to humans than humans do to each other. Pets have the ability to stimulate their caregivers by giving them company and coping up with emotional issues. People are too busy taking care of themselves and forget that there are family members that need them, but companion animals fulfill all the needs and wants of people t...

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...bodies, tails, and eyes which tells humans a lot about them. They reflect what they see inside their heads and hearts on the outside which is why they're not mysterious at all. However, it's not as easy to recognize all animals' emotions as they are all different. Animals like dogs, cats, and birds are friendlier and reliable than working, sport, and laboratory animals. They are also popular due to their attractive appearances and playful personalities. Some pets are completely loyal to their owners and masters when it comes to protecting them. Humans want to be around people, things, and animals that are similar to them. Overall, humans respect some animals more than others due to their own experience and relationships that they share. It wouldn't be wrong to consider some animals as a part of the family as they do give and provide more than the own family members.
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