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Steroids , is a prohibited substance consumed by many athletes in various sports to elevate every aspect of their performance in the sport they play . “Many athletes feel that they would not have been as successful without them”(Fahey1).Taking this into consideration, that once athletes consume the steroids athletes feel a necessity to exercise in their body, making them exercise longer without feeling no pain. Inclusive, it's been reported by numerous athletes that it's very challenging to stop taking steroids making them addicted to this substance. In fact, several famous athletes have confessed of consuming steroids multiple times; in expectation to increase strength, power,speed, and other uncounted skills. As a matter of fact many times skillful athletes ingest steroids and in some cases eventually get caught and aren’t severely punished in their sport. Therefore, these famous athletes have paved the road to young athletes to do the same by consuming steroids. Its important to consider that steroids may look like a great substance to take but there are many unspeakable aspects. For example “the real effect of anabolic steroids is the creation of psychosomatic state characterized sensations of euphoria,stress and aggressiveness”(Fahey3).These are one of many awful side affects that aren’t taking into consideration. It's been proven that athletes performance have increased due to steroid use, thus many young athletes are following these steps taken by their idols. Therefore, steroids have brought to many users painful effects and in some cases even death. Background Information In today's sports world, many aspect of playing a sport have been innovated for the great cause. Though one thing that damages the sport is the... ... middle of paper ... to pay for their youth to go to university. Getting a scholarship is one of the ways”(1).This being important because the parents in many cases pressure the teen to excel in sports and sometimes hard work and dedication doesn't function and then resulting in most cases for teens to choose the method of using steroids. Objective The purpose of this investigation is to find out if steroids affected a athletes performance it can be examined that steroids are a factor to increase an athletes ability. Many times an athlete chooses to take steroid for a reason;and that is to be a improve physically. Its been reported that many athletes show an advance and thus tempting young athletes on trying this new method . Therefore, further research has to be done on this major issue on why athletes choose to use it and the positive and negative effects on taking steroids
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