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To restore one's possession after being broken is a very hard procedure to follow. Likewise, delegates from Britain, Austria, Russia and Persia, also known as the Great Powers, met in 1814 at the Austrian capital, Vienna to discuss with much relevant concern to restore the sociopolitical system right after their loss with Napoleon's battle. These Great Powers will not only be discussing Napoleon's defeat that perhaps will impact the future but, also the future of the Europe as a whole. Basically, the allied powers wanted to bring a balance of power on the continent of Europe that would make peace and prevent any future wars. Their objective led into reinstating geographical adjustments and conservative governments. The Congress of Vienna that was held between September 1814 to June 1815 had only formed if it weren't for the battle that the coalition lost to Napoleon. As a matter of fact, the ongoing war since the first of November 1792 had came to an end when the Coalition signed the Treaty of Paris in May 1814. Despite their loss, a month prior to the treaty, the quadrupled al...
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