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Tobacco has widely spread throughout the world, since the European, who set in America, were introduced about tobacco by the Native Americans. Ironically, tobacco, which is the cause of lung cancer, was promoted for a cure for a number of ailments, including worms, halitosis, toothache and cancer by many scientists and physicians. And, in 1964, Surgeon General Luther Terry found that smoking actually causes the cancer and the other serious health problems. However, even though the smokers realized smoking causes the serious health problems, many of them do not take any actions to stop smoking. Although cigarette smoking is simply a matter of personal choice and not especially promoting use by any particular segment of the population, the government should ban cigarette smoking because it increases the risk of cancer and heart disease, harms the secondhand smokers, and negatively affects newborn babies.

Admittedly, many would argue that cigarette smoking should not be banned because it is to take away the smoker’s liberties from them. For example, smoking bans deprive citizens of both the freedom to choose their actions and the freedom to be responsible for those actions (Lee et al.1). Moreover, “legislation banning smoking prevent individual smokers from exercising their right to smoke, these laws prevent individual organizations, workplaces and places of business from choosing whether or not to enforce rules against smoking”(1). To summarize, supporters of cigarettes smoking believe that smoking ban is an abuse of human rights of smokers. However, cigarette smoking should be banned because it causes serious health problems.

Initially, cigarette smoking increases the risk of developing health problems, especially ca...

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...d, the number of smokers is increasing rather than decreasing. To prevent increase in number of smokers, the government should realize the smokers the danger of smoking through the advertisements and news. And, if they still do not try to stop smoking, the government should take some actions to reduce the number of smokers because smoking causes many serious health problems. The risks of cancer, heart disease and the other diseases of smokers are increasing, but also non smokers’ risks are increasing. Additionally, smoking affects the growth of newborn baby and sometime leads to miscarriage. As a result, the death rate is increasing. If the smokers do not stop or government does not make them stop smoking, it will be a big social problems as the population decreases. In other words, the government should ban cigarette smoking to prevent the population decrease.
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