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The term “3D” has been a buzzword throughout the media industry for several years now. The term itself attracts audiences of all ages and this emergence of 3D cinema has benefited the film industry to make millions of dollars more compared to typical 2D films. The art of 3D has been so appealing that producers of countless movies strive to turn their 2D films in to 3D due to its remarkable significance towards the film industry. The event I attended was the SPARK Conference, Festival and Job fair 2014. The presentation I attended during the event was called 3D storytelling: the Process of Animation, Conversion and Capture. The event was held at the Vancity Theatre on Saturday, February 8th at 9am. The venue was a convenient location in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The Vancity Theatre holds Film festivals, new movie releases, meetings, has guest speakers and many more, therefore allowing the venue for this event to be very appropriate and favorable. This event was organized by the Emily Carr University of Art and Design and the SPARK Computer Graphics Society. Sponsors of this eve...
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