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Regarding to the world narcissism and pornography are affecting Americans. Due to the fact that the top negative things associated with YouTube is making it a more negative influence on society than positive. This is becoming a negative impact on children and young adults. In today’s society, war porn is one of the main things that are affecting Americans. They think that War Porn started from the mentally ill people. The writer Jessica Ramirez says, “Critics of war porn says it dehumanizes the enemy and does not provide the context necessary to understand the psychological aspects of war” (1). She is stating that the War Porn is changing enemies to the aspects of war. In addition, War Porn became popular with images in Vietnam. She also says, “The images from the Abu Ghraib Prison scandal were made available to the public” (1). The images became a big thing in prison. Narcissism starts off with people who think they can sing the researcher Jayson Sharon says, “Students narcissism affects the world by posting selfies all the time over the internet” (1). Young teens are posting a lot of selfies on the internet. Also, celebrity narcissism is seducing America. Sharon states, “Celebrity narcissism is seducing America by how famous they are and how good they look” (1). So, celebrities are taking time on how good they look and how famous they are. In today’s society, safety matters for children who use YouTube. More children are watching YouTube every day. A YouTube spokesman said, “YouTube is for teens and adults, not children” (1). This means that social media is for older ages and not younger. Additionally, children usually watch videos or get ideas from YouTube. The spokesman said, “Children can get ideas from YouTube in many w... ... middle of paper ... media than they did in school. As a result, narcissism and pornography became a big part of the world of social media and YouTube. YouTube is not for young children, it was made for teens and adults. Pornography and narcissism were a big effect to young adults which made a negative influence on society then positive. Therefore, are teens were influenced in a negative way. Works Cited “Chinese Activist Sends YouTube Plea for Safety.” Newspaper Source. Web. 26 Jan. 2014 <>. “EDITORIAL: Stopping child pornography.” Newspaper Source. Web. 26 Jan. 2014 . Sharon, Jayson. “Are students today more narcissistic?” Newspaper Source. Web. 26 Jan. 2014 . Sharon, Jayson. “Narcissism on the upswing?” USA Today 21 April. 2009. Newspaper Source. Web. 3 Oct. 2013

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