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Videogames in our world Videogames today are escalating to become a negative aspect in people’s lives. Teens tend to become violet or a little too, comfy in their rooms when engaging in their play station, wii, gameboy, etc. They are a bad influence among all ages, because they cause obesity, brain damage, and some measures of violence. Researchers around the world have stated that playing videogames for long periods of time can cause a person to be obese. Erica Loop the author of the article entitled “Do Video Games Contribute to Childhood Obesity,” states that, “Additionally a lack of physical activity can lead to weight gain in children” (1). Clearly children spending too much time sitting on their couches watching T.V. or playing videogames are likely to gain more body fat than those who play sports or are active outdoors. Loop also points out that, “Children who watch five or more hours of T.V. per day have a four and a half times greater risk of being overweight than those who watch two hours or less” (1). This shows the greater risk of watching T.V. in children. Studies have proven several ways how videogames can make you gain weight. In addition, “Similar to T.V. viewing, the passive aspect of videogame play takes away from true physical activity and may lead to weight gain” (Loop1). This passage from the same article reports how watching T.V. can also lead to a person gaining weight. This proves that not just videogames but T.V. can also ruin a person’s life in a negative way. The effect of excessive videogame play on the brain can be dangerous. Erin Kardaras author of the article, “The Effect of Videogames on the Brain,” reports that “The effect of videogames on the brain is a research area gaining popularity as the per... ... middle of paper ... ...videogames can make a person aggressive and obnoxious. It can cause severe brain damage and many violent effects on your body. This shows how bad it is to play violent games. Works Cited Loop, Erica. “Do videogames contribute to childhood obesity?” Web.24 Jan. 2014 Kardaras, Eleni. “The Effect of Videogames on the Brain.” Web.28 Jan. 2014 Ivory, James D. “Violent Videogames: If Your Looking for the Cause of Serious Aggression and Violence in Society, Stop Playing Around With Videogames.” Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society. Web. 13 Jan. 2014. Wagner, Jennifer, Seter. “When Playing Turns to Trouble.” U.S. News and World Report 19 May, 2008. MAS Ultra-School Edition. Web. 30 Jan. 2014.

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