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Literature Review Performance management takes a broader perspective compared to the practical implementation of the performance evaluation considering that the management process includes: (1) planning the performance required by employees, embodied in the form of objectives previously defined and agreed, (2) performance monitoring focused on the realignment and course corrections within a context of changes in speed, and (3) the final performance evaluation, focused on continuous improvement, with the “pillars of support”: attaining goals (which carry) and skills (how to do) profile (Van de Vliert & Kabanoff, 1990). Performance management requires the manager to clarify the direction (North) so that employees can understand the importance of their contribution to the achievement of the business plan of the company, guiding how performance expectations, behaviours aligned to the values, the mission and vision of the company. It is from the establishment of these “clear agreements”. The manager encourages a culture of commitment and high performance (Gruman & Saks, 2011, p.12). Effective communication between manager and employee is a “connecting bridge” between the three stages of the aforementioned performance management process, ensuring through the practice of feedback and recognition, the necessary feedback to the developer to expand your awareness with respect their level of individual contribution to the result of the area and the organisation, the quantitative aspects (goals) and qualitative aspects (profile). As a result of the performance management process, managers, in partnership with Human Resources, enable decision-making related to strategic people management decision with regard to the priorities of actions in ... ... middle of paper ... ...ble in the case of Qualitative research to use focus groups as a Research Strategy. By adopting Focus Group Research, the exorbitant cost would be minimized by collecting data from participants in a group setting. This would not only result in the cost being reduced as well as the data can be obtained pretty quickly. Thus the Focus Group Research would not only result in cost reduction but also there would be faster collection of data. Focus Group Research is conducted in an environment where the number of responses can be increased. Since the number of participants in this study is quite large, individual interviews would not be of much use here. It has been observed that focus group research provides a mechanism for employees to identify and solve the problems they are facing. Thus, it would be the most applicable research strategy for this research. Approaches

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