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Limitations of Survey Research
As it has been argued, survey research contributes in several ways to the study of politics. Nevertheless there have been several criticisms that highlight the limitations of survey research. The limitations of this research method can be categorized in three sections: Difficulties with respondents, limitation of survey design and ethical issues.
Difficulties with Respondents
First of all it has been argued that, it is hard to prove the veracity of surveys in politics and in the majority of social sciences because the answers given by respondents might be influenced by several factors. Medina (2000) argues that respondents could have a lack of incentive to give honest answers if this could present them in an unfavourable manner. An example of this problem is exemplified in the work carried out by Marinez Treviño(2007) in which she used surveys to assess the need of an educational reform in mexico, however some respondents (teachers mostly) did not answer as truthfully as they should have because it could have made them look bad on the eyes of the S.N.T.E(Trade Union for teachers).
It is also very important to consider that respondents might have a different perception, interpretation or understanding of a specific questions, which might lead to a lack of consistency in the results of the surveys. An example of the how people have different interpretations of the same topic, is the study on political engagement “Young People’s Attitudes towards Party Politics in Britain” (Henn, Weinsteinand Forrest:2005) in which respondents perceived political interest in different ways.
Limitations of Survey Design.
Survey design also faces a number of limitations. First of all surveys tend to focus on product...

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...ondents react to a specific set of questions. This problems can cause significant damage to the veracity of the data if they are not dealt with properly. A conclusion can be drawn that, survey research has contributed to politics in a large number of ways and it will continue to do so with all the technological advances that our society is experiencing. Additionally many of the limitations of this research method can be dealt with by combining them with other materials like contextual data or a carefully designed survey, therefore it can be argued that surveys have more benefits than drawbacks in political science A further field of study could be, the role that surveys will play for political science in a world that engages daily with social networks, in which small surveys can be produced in a non expensive way and with a more personal approach than with emails.
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