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By 1932, the Nazis were the largest political party in Germany (The Holocaust Chronicle 53). The Nazis were directly in Germany so Hitler was appointed as chancellor (The Holocaust Chronicle 53). After a few months of Hitler being chancellor, the democracy in Germany was almost completely abolished and the Nazi party was the only legal political party that was left (The Holocaust Chronicle 54). The main goal that Hitler tried to achieve for the Nazis was purifying the German culture. He ordered for all literature written by a non-German or a Jew to be burned for “The death of Jewish intellectualism and purification of the German culture” (The Holocaust Chronicle 53). Hitler also increased anti-Semitic violence drastically and encouraged the boycott of Jewish businesses (The Holocaust Chronicle 54). This was shown in 1939 when Hitler ordered that Poland be invaded responsible for orchestrating the genocide of Jews in Europe. Although there were many people who were a part of this political party, there were only a few with a lot of control, three of which were Adolf Hitler, Herman...

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