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Hypotheses: The situation in which the participants will be placed in will affect their behavior. Participants: The research team offered $15/day in a newspaper advertisement for a study on the psychology of imprisonment. More than 75 people responded to the ad, but only 24 students were chosen: 12 to role play prisoners and 12 to role play guards. These students had no prior record of criminal arrests, medical conditions, drug abuse or psychological disorders. Methods: A few years ago I took a part in a study on the psychology of imprisonment. Unexpectedly, the police arrested me at my home. I was handcuffed, searched, read my rights, and driven in a squad car to the police station. Even though I knew that it was an experiment they made me feel like I really did something against the law. The judge charged me with burglary. Immediately, they gave me a uniform which had my ID number written on it. I was forced to wear it with no underclothes. I felt really humiliated as well as anonymous. When I got into my cell I saw that all guards were dressed in identical uniforms. I knew that the guards will try to act like real guards, but they took they task way too seriously. Already at the first day they had not only awakened us from sleep in the middle of the night by blasting whistles, but also did they force us to do push-ups for no reason. The second day we decided to make a rebellion. We removed our stocking caps, ripped off our numbers, and put our beds against the door so they cloud not reach us. We made the guards very angry. They got a fire extinguisher, and forced us to go away from the doors. Therefore they managed to break into each cell. They punished us by stripping each of us naked and taking our beds out. The leaders of o... ... middle of paper ... ...ostile, arbitrary, and inventive in their forms of prisoner humiliation, they also thoroughly enjoyed the power they wielded. I think that I would rather be a mix between the fair guards who followed prison rules and the "good guys" who did little favors for the prisoners and never punished them. As a matter of a fact the task was to represent how the real guards act, therefore I do not see the reason why the guards started to act evil. Of course if they had to deal with killers who were making trouble in their cells as the real guards have to, they should follow the prison rules but they should never be driven by their boredom to do pornographic and degrading abuse of the prisoners as they did in this experiment. In the end if I was a real guard I would never enjoy in watching others suffer; therefore I do not see the point in the behavior of the chosen volunteers.
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