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During the seventeen century there where many great thinkers. People where started to ask why and how things happen. One of the greatest minds was Galileo Galilei, he was an astronomer, physicist, mathematician, and inventor, and he is one of the most famous scientists of all time. In Galileo’s daughter by Dava Sobel the life of Galileo is told by reading the correspondence that he had with his daughter. By the existence of letters between them Galileo’s discoveries and inventions are known. The three main points in the book are the life of his illicit daughter and relationship he had with his daughter, Galileo’s discoveries and inventions, and the last point is Galileo’s book dialogue and its consequences.
Galileo Galilei was born on 1564 in Pisa. He attended the University of Pisa. He had children but he had a special relationship with his daughter Maria Celeste who was conceived illicitly because he did not marry Marina Gamba of Venice. She was sent to a convent where she became a nun. In Galileo's Daughter, by Dava Sobel, Sobel tells the life of Galileo’s daughter but also tells the life of her father in such a way that its two stories are told in one great story. She writes about the life of his daughter by using her (Galileo’s daughter) own letters to her father. Galileo and Maria celeste wrote letters to each other, in which they wrote about their daily life, problems but most importantly about Galileo’s discoveries and inventions. Galileo’s was the only one that could preserve his daughter letter. Only he was able to save them because they were probably destroyed when she pass away, because it was dangerous for a Roman Catholic convent to preserve them during that time. During that time the Catholic Church was against any...

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...n 1642.
In conclusion, the book tells the life of Galileo and his daughter by only using letters that they wrote to each other. His daughter suffered a life of misery and loneliness. She was condemned to a convent due to her father illicit relationship with her other. But she was a very open minded women and liberal. She learned many things from her father and accepted most of his ideas. On the other hand Galileo life was more interesting. He invented and discovers many things. He was known by many and liked too. But his biggest enemy was the church due to there believe that earth and everything around it was perfect. But his work that caused him more was his book Dialogue that caused him to be sentence to house arrest for the rest of his life. This book does talks about his work but talks greatly more about his personal life and his relationship with his daughter.

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