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Ethics are very important to all business people. Yet, many tend to forget ethics as an important concept that has a major impact upon an organization’s success . The political system in Belize is ruled by a two party system that is currently back and forth for control of the economy and government.This is why it is so difficult to make a business work in Belize?Many organizations in Belize face the difficulties of managing and empowering their employees to actively participate in decision making.We all have an effect on others in some way, just that we hardly realize that what we do or how we do it impact someone.The concept of power and its request to leadership and management has gotten a bad reputation. I like to believe people misuse their power simply because they have it and are unaware of it. One of the hardest lessons of being a minister is that nearly everything that has to be done must be done by others.That is when the power and ability to effectively lead others becomes hard for some leaders simply because they refuse to make choices that would build a healthy and productive relationship with the people on your team or the people they are to serve.Then employees tend to circulate terms such as abuse of power and corrupted by power in the workplace .All that leaders do is diluted powers real use and meaning and remove the ability for some leaders to the opportunity to understand and use various forms of power to good purposes. Can a country said to be a democracy if the government only responds to the likings of their personal interest? In a democratic country, all citizens should have equal influence on government policy. Many people in power abuse their position through the authority with manipulative strate... ... middle of paper ... with regards if a corrupt practice or an attempt to corruption is discovered, it is quite possible that the ministers’ personal loyalty or party political relationship may be in conflict with his official duties. Should he sacrifice the interest or try to end the corrupt practice by abiding by his moral belief ,direct personal confrontation, or should he blow the whistle on the practitioner of corrupt practice? Honesty plays a big role in determining who we truly are. When we are honest, we build strength of character that will allow us to be of great persons in God’s sight . We are blessed with peace of mind and self esteem and will be reliable by the Lord and others. Honesty is the bedrock of honor and character. When a person is honest, their words and actions pair each other in a way that makes a person appear trustworthy Works Cited land laws of belize

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