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The group that i may be considered according to North America culture is the “Gamer ” type. The group representation does not reflect my meanings and my beliefs or any of my practise. I do not consider my self as a hardcore gamer like most gamers are consider, i enjoy games but do not believe in playing constantly or using all my free time to play games, and i do not put games as a priority but a thing to do when i am bored. My relationship God is not perfect but , i do not consider absent i do pray to God in times in need and occasionally when i am successful or satisfy with something. My relationship with others is quite good , i do socialize with my friends and others and i do enjoy spending time with my friend. This reflection made me reflect on with others and God and help me understand that i need to have a better relation with God and that i just may not constantly ask but , also praise him when stuff goes well. The symbols that can represent my culture in my adolescence would be family , friends , soccer , Ps3, music and school these symbols have shaped my identity. T...
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