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The question I chose to ask people was “Are religions just human constructions-just psychological or sociological phenomena- or do they tell us real information about the divine and transcendent?” For a few people this was a hard question to answer. The first person I asked is religious, but she is starting to think that maybe she does not agree with her religion. This conversation was interesting to me because she went back and forth between whether religions tell us information about the divine and whether it does not. She finally settled on an answer saying that religions mean different things to different people, but that in the end it is a sociological construction to help them get through the day. She also said that faith is different from religions and that you can have faith without it.
The next person I asked is someone I have discussed religion with before. It took him a while to answer this question because he had to think about it, but when he answered I thought it was a good answer. He said that religion is a human construction made because there is a need for there to be a god. It is a reason for us to be kind to each other and have civilizations. The part that was most interesting to me was when he said that religion is needed to protect humanity from itself, there is already a lot of killings and what would it be like if there is no religion for people to get their morals from. I had never looked at religion from this view before, it opened my eyes some.
The third person I asked was direct and kind of harsh with her answer. She did not want to discuss it much when I tried to ask her more questions. She said the bible and all religions are fairy tales that have no real meaning and they are made by hum...

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...tain religious experiences may have happened but he relates them to be a man made construction that was needed for people to have an answer to natural events. The final person is coming from a non realist point of view like the others since he believes that religions are human made, he does try to point out that religions have helped people but it does not mean that they are a message from the divine. All of the people I spoke shared the methological non realist view that religion should be examined in its social context to understand whether or not it is a human construction. They all shared a little bit of Freud because they all came to the final conclusion that religion and religious experiences are produced in the mind and have no connection with a divine entity. some people were under a greater influence of Freud than others, but they all had this connection.
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