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Relationship conflict is one of the things that every human being will experience in life. Learning how to deal with these conflicts and move forward with that person is what is truly important in life. After reading this week’s chapters and digesting the information of the chapter I found that allot of the skills and definitions that were talked about I use to deal with conflict daily, weekly and monthly. The main focus for my paper is going to be what I believe is violating expectations. Violating expectations has been something I have always been guilty of in allot of relationships. The one relationship is stand out in the most is the relationship with my mother.

My mom and I have always had a very weird and dynamic relationship. Its has never been much of a mom and son relationship, its been more of like we are really good friends. I always call my mom first before anyone else in life. My mother and I have always butted head in life as we disagree about how I should be living my life. My mother always taught me to be a free spirit and to be who I am. When I was growing up as a young boy I was taught by her that if you want to have something, go somewhere or do anything I needed to work hard for it and I could have it. This is something that has been hammered into my brain from a very young age, and it has stuck with me through my life till now.

This concept that my mother engrained in me was something I have valued all my life. My mother rand I have always had a mutual trust between each other that I would do the right thing. She knows that even when she is not around I would do the right thing and stay out of trouble. She knows that my judgment calls will be the right ones because she raised me with morals and values. ...

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...., Beebe, S., & Redmond, M. Pg. 338)

So in turn I have always choose my path in life, when I wanted something I got it. When I wanted to go somewhere I went there, and now I am criticized for doing this in my life. I know my mom wants the best for me in life but I also want to live life to the fullest and have fun doing it, as tomorrow is no guarantee. The type of life I choose to live has become normal to me. I am always on the go, seeing new places and doing new things. I’m not sure if this is jealousy on my mom’s part or if it is something that all moms worry about? I have really stopped trying to figure that out as my life is my life and I don’t ever want to judge anyone else and I expect the same in return.

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