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What’s left of me was a good book. The conception was really original and unique. It was amazing because Eva was not dominant yet it was told through her point of view and so perfectly too. It was very easy to carve the story in to the reader’s head, even with it being told by a character who barely spoke words throughout the story. It was fun and well told. Aside from the story style, the book left out information and did not address things directly that should have already been clarified at the outset of the book. For instance, it was not addressed why hybrids are a threat to society. The story stated that hybrids were dangerous and that it should be reported if any hybrids were suspected or found. Continuing the story with the hope of this question being revealed, the last page flipped with the query still remaining unanswered.

It would only make sense to assume it was discrimination for being different. If the story had clarified why this angst and fear of hybrid existed within people, then the plot would inevitably go deeper with the “why”, which would add more opportunities for plot twists.

Hybrids kept on struggling and living in fear from the start till the end of the book. Yet, reading through all the action and seeing the characters struggle to escape- and not knowing a solid, given reason why people considered hybrids a menace, was disturbing and left questions.

Another disturbing factor of this book was all the repetition in the book. Though the story was told from a beautiful approach, Zhang repeated many things over and over in her writing. This was something that could be over looked at the beginning, but when Zhang continuously reiterated over and over, it became hard to enjoy and continue reading. Another point...

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...characters were not very layered. The character design was not amazing, but not terrible. Many of the characters were really flat and most of the time they weren’t the type that could change the plot drastically. None of the characters were the type to “leap of the line”. The story revolves around two really boring girls. Honestly, there is no need for Eva to exist,

she doesn’t do anything, so there was no need in her taking the medicine and going to Hally’s house. The story is full of unimportant things that take up pages and it is very blunt. In the end, this book was intriguing and had a very interesting way of coming at thing and introducing new event. There are things that did bring the book down, but not enough that you should not read it. But, aside from all the flaws, it was a ride worthwhile and had just enough complexity to urge you to continue to the end.
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