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In the first Environment Sustainable Society (ESS) lecture, which we had on November 7, we watched a film named “Peace Out”. Charies Wilkinson was the director and writer of this film. Peace Out is a feature documentary that talked about resource extraction in Western Canada. In addition, the film offers a chance for several participants, including energy executives, to talk about their experiences on several environmental issues such as climate change and energy depletions. The film appeals to us that we should know what changes our environments and think about whether our behaviors are good for the environment. In order to let people know how serious some of the energy uses relate to the environmental issue, the film provides some case studies of resource extraction to support that renewable energy is significant to sustainability.
From the film, I knew that Western Canada has lots of environmental issues such as air pollution and land pollution due to a vibrant and growing economy, with a large amount of energy consumption. There are abundant oil and gas resources in the western regions such as Alberta. Even though it promotes the local economy and country’s GDP, it damages the surrounding environment. For example, Alberta has one of the largest quantities of oil sand, which is a kind of bituminous sand that is formed from oil. Oil sand has a large economic and constructive value including road constructions. However, the toxic waste of oil sand creates more greenhouse gas emissions that would speed up global warming. In addition, the film talks about other kinds of energy uses and uses case studies to show how those energies develop in some countries. For example, the Japanese nuclear leak accident, which was caused by the...

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...“selfish” and think more of the environmental impact.
In Crouse’s lecture, he mentions several personal perspectives on sustainability.
One of the views is that he encourages people to walk or bike more instead of using motor vehicles. Motor vehicles discharge a large amount of greenhouse gases that pollute the environment. They also lead sea level rises due to climate change, sea level change could disturb the water system and affect the local environment and species, the most serious result is that might destroy the beauty that nature brings to us by swallowing the seaside land from rising sea level.
During the discussion period, I found that most of us are really interesting about how he prepare and carrying stuffs such as boat, and he answered the way interestingly that he said if you really to do it, nothing will be a problem, and nothing will hinder you.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that in the first environment sustainable society lecture, they watched a film called "peace out". charies wilkinson was the director and writer of the film.
  • Explains that alberta has abundant oil and gas resources, which promotes the local economy and country’s gdp, but it damages the surrounding environment.
  • Opines that non-renewable energy development, such as continual oil consumption, and the site c dam, should be stopped. alternative solutions or ways to deal with environmental issues should also be considered.
  • Analyzes how the filmmaker wilkinson skyped with us to discuss peace out, which is a dispassionate look at the consumption of major energy sources in western canada.
  • Explains that graham steele and jennifer watts gave a speech about political progress and sustainability at the ess lecture.
  • Agrees with watts and steele that governments should understand how the government and politician do things if they want to work on the environment.
  • Analyzes how watts and steele point out personal perspectives on sustainability during the discussion and question period. a good study attitude can overcome all difficulties and make sustainability happen.
  • Explains that zac crouse created a way to treat his mental illness, which is traveling, to remember his friend's death. he likes to travel without motor vehicles because he thinks "green trips" are enjoyable.
  • Explains that crouse likes to travel with nature and use it to forget stress and relax his brains. he feels annoyed when he drags his boat around huge barriers and wonders how dams affect local aquatic wildlife.
  • Analyzes crouse's lecture on sustainability. he encourages people to walk or bike more instead of using motor vehicles.
  • Opines that most of us were interested in how he prepared and carried stuffs such as boat. he answered the way interestingly that if you really to do it, nothing will be a problem.
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