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As a psychology major I have always been interested in the human mind, and how it works. I have always been intrigued by each individual thought process, and what makes them the way they are. This course allowed me to fully understand how culture goes hand and hand with our identity. Enrolling into a college English class, I figured it would be a bit irrelevant and boring as most freshman classes are. Writing, Pop Culture and Identity certainly changed my initial views of an English class. This course has helped me tremendously in seeing writing as a process. I have always been an exceptional writer, but I believe I have certainly improved my critical analysis skills thanks to this course. It also required me to think a little more outside the box, and utilize critical strategies. In the duration of the course we received 3 papers to complete. Subsequently, the third final major paper was my biggest challenge. During this course most of our essays have been relatively 4 pages in length, which is fairly easy compared to many other courses. The final major essay that was assigned was required to be 6 pages in length which is about 1800 words. Being my first major paper, it sort of posed a problem for me. It was also an argument paper, where it was required to take a position on an arguable issue. I was practically plagued with writers block, through the entire paper. Mostly because I had no idea what I wanted the topic to be. Before I began writing, I needed to figure a topic that I was somewhat passionate about; and that I could engross my audience in. I decided to write my paper to a particularly sympathetic audience since the argument was a bit on the sensitive side. The argument of my paper being Misogyny or “the hate of women... ... middle of paper ... ...rstand how important culture is day to day. In my first paper ‘The Profile’ the reader could probably easily interpret that I didn’t have a true understanding of simple things like ethos, pathos, and logos. However, in my final Argument paper it is clear that I have full understanding of such, and could even effectively explain it to a peer. In my papers one could also see the improvement in my ability to contextualize cultural contents. I was able to successfully and credibly argue a point, while acknowledging possible opposing views. Each paper required me to concur, or oppose a certain topic. Through the duration of the course, I believe my improvement was unmissable. I consider it to be honest that I have completed this course prosperously. I understand that there is always room for improvement, as I looked forward to taking more English classes in the future.

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