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I received a phone call several weeks ago from a church member, whose son is also my former student. She indicated her frustrations with his habitual absences and her concerned was heightened because she received a final notice from the school regarding truancy. I have known this young man for two years. I taught him during his 6th grade year and served as his advisor on last year. I know this is a very troubled young man. His absenteeism on last year was such a problem, he was retained in the 7th grade. I had the pleasure of meeting his mother on last year. She greeted me in the hall because of mistaken identity; she mistook me for the vice-principal. Before I could gather an understanding of her concerns, I concluded she was in a great deal of distress. This was her first time being notified about potentially having to go to court because of truancy. After listening to her for several minutes; I felt I had to do something. (This was before my new found realization that sometimes; something can’t be done) I asked her where she lived and then volunteered to pick him up in the morning for her; to ensure he made it to school on time. She thanked me immensely for my generosity. That evening she called to confirm my ability to come the next morning. She took this opportunity to reveal her situation further with her son. She was an aging woman, almost 70 years old, and adopted him when he was an infant. He was the grandson of her cousin who was unable to care for him. Her cousin had gained custody of her three other grandchildren, but for some reason was unable to care for him. She thought she was doing a heroic act, one that would enable this family to stay somewhat intact. Unfortunately, this did not prove to be th... ... middle of paper ... take him in. I think this is a blessing that she has yet to recognize. She may wrestle with the possibility of being labeled an unfit parent; being stigmatized and ostracized by the same family she was trying to help. This is why I am certain she too would benefit greatly from counseling. She has a lot of deep seeded feelings of inadequacies and is unwilling to take an introspective glimpse at herself; to begin her healing process. I will continue to encourage the family, to get involved in the church. Plant themselves in a ministry that will help them to further expound on their God given gifts and talents. I am glad to know this family is willing to take a step toward reconciliation and healing by meeting with our pastor. I think this will be great opportunity for them to further expound upon all possibilities to the help them get on a road to recovery.

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