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Part A
Riverside Natural Therapies: Local alternative therapy store
I was quite surprised that I hadn’t noticed this store before, instantly my senses were captivated by a natural mystic that was elevated by the crystal salt lamps glowing from inside the windows, the smell of sandalwood incense blowing in the light breeze and quotes of wellbeing enlightening the pathway with positivity.

The therapies and the practitioners specified to each treatment were clearly displayed on the front window.
These included a Naturopathic herbalist, Remedial massage, Rosemond Massage- Muscle Therapy, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

The staff accumulated a healthy, lively and benevolent collective energy.
All practitioners had previously attained qualifications in their specific field from credible institutions and have had years of practical healing experience in various contexts.

When speaking to the Naturopath I could sense the genuine appreciation, wisdom and passion she had for healing, these qualities enabled her to bring physical, spiritual and emotional enlightenment to others. I was incredibly inspired by her motivations and thus realized that it is the power of a heartfelt purpose that is behind the natural phenomena of healing.

There was an achieved balance between the traditional and modern approach to healing.
This is evident from the philosophy the therapies are based on as stated from the naturopath, “The continuation of traditional medicine is the roots to the tree that will produce healthy and strong branches. The modernization effect can be compared to the water we use to nourish, support and maintain our traditions in the continuous changing of times.”
The modern touch was used to apply everyday technologies t...

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...kin products are subjected to chemicals and animal testing. The fact that Heritage healers sell environmentally friendly, organic and natural beauty products draws me to use these treatments to sustain my inner and outer beauty; I couldn’t wait to recommend it to my loved ones and friends.
I love how these products aim to achieve beauty not only in the physical, but also in the emotional and spiritual aspects of wellbeing. Relating back to the aromatherapy essential oils as an example, the oil blend for the element water encourages compassion, insight and relaxation. Containing pure essential oils of Clary Sage, Lavender, Marjoram and Geranium and containing Tiger Eye and Carnelian Crystals to create the sensitive, emotional sympathy of waters essence.
I feel the holistic health approach is an ideal way to maintain and strengthen physical and emotional vitality.