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“The Red Cross is there when your soldier needs you, when he’s wounded and even when he’s is a prisoner of war!” said, Captain Gable. The Red Cross was started in 1881 by Clara Barton after the Civil War. The war stared in 1861. Clarissa Harlowe Barton, but everyone call her Clara, was born December 25, 1821 in Massachusetts, she was the youngest of six kids to Stephen Barton and Sarah Barton. Clara Barton was a school teacher, when there was only male teacher, she was a school teacher for seven year. Clara Barton stated her own school in 1853. When she was young her brother got sick and she nurse him day and night for two years, after that she want to be needed for throughout her life, which was hard for her because of her depression.
When the civil war broke out, she was one the first volunteer, helping at a hospital by her house, but after her father died, she went to the battlefield. She went in the army to help and save of lives. Clara Barton would make clothing, feed them, read them story, write letter, and took care of them like they were her own sons. She would listened to any problem they were have either, on the battlefield or at home. Clara Barton was later known as the “angel of the battlefield” in august of 1862 she was coming to help a field hospital at midnight with all the supplies. The surgeon that was there was overwhelmed with as many bodies he wrote” I thought that night if heaven ever sent out an angel, she must be the one” (Red Cross foundation) she would travel form field hospital to field hospital bring supplies and help the wounded. She was always tired during the war but she knew that she couldn’t stop for the soldier. They didn’t have much money, in 1884, six children put on a play that raised $50 that t...

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...ange many live through the years, with help from the nurse, doctor and volunteers. Even today the Red Cross foundation is strong and hardworking, they can teach you CPR and first aid certified and so many other thing, but we need to thank Clara Barton.

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