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Alison lay on her bed. She was so tired, yet her mind was very active tonight. It had been such a long, strange day; so much had happened.
Alison’s life usually dragged. She had no after school activities, the word activity would always send a cold shiver down her bones, as she preferred her own time for reading or listening to music, and not running around a field like a lunatic chasing a ball. The only enjoyment she had in her small world, was visiting her best friend Sarah, or vice versa.
Sarah was every inch a tomboy and was a girl who had bruises to show off in class, as she was always involved in some sort of scuffle in or out of school, and never cared if she got a thick lip or a black eye, as her opponent would always end up worse off. She was also the one who preferred sport. Football and hockey were her favourite games, but with her power and her bully ways, she was one that was feared by the opposite side if a tackle was needed, as a tackle from this girl was like being involved in a car crash — hard, fast and unforgettable.
She felt under her pillow, and took out the picture of the boy, running her long, delicate finger over his lips and stared at his eyes. She could now see they were blue, a very dark blue and his skin were of olive colour. It suited him — well, to Alison it did. She had always liked boys with a tan, rather than pale skin — she always called them sickly kids.
Alison stared at the photo, hypnotised by the beauty of the boy, until she could no longer keep her eyes open and slowly drifted off to sleep.


“Look at him,” giggled a blond-headed girl to another, as a young boy came walking towards the two girls who were sitting on the floor in a large bedroom, dressing their china dolls in beau...

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...t some baby in a nursery,” Alison protested.
“Okay, young adults, if that’s a better way of saying it. Either way, she has no idea how to treat you. So try not to be too rude and listen to what she has to say,” Carla smiled. “Right missy off to bed with you, it’s nearly 12am; you have to be up shortly,” Carla pointed out and pulling her reluctant daughter off the settee.
“Not till 7am, Mum,” Alison groaned.
“Yes, and even then I need a shovel to move you in the morning. So shoo, bed — now. I will be up shortly; I just need to tidy up the room.”
Carla gave Alison a kiss on the cheek, and Alison smiled.
“Night Mum,” Alison yawned, when she opened the living room door.
“Goodnight dearie, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.”
“MUM!” Alison cried with embarrassment.
“Well they do dear., Little buggers bit me last night, I’ve been itching all day,” Carla winked.
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