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The autobiography Man Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl takes place in the 1940s. Viktor talks about he was force to get out of his house and made go live in a concentration camp. In the book Frankl talks about how he went from having a great life to having a horrible life how his family was taking from him and forced to live and die in concretion camp. In his autobiography he talks about how he was able mentally to deal with death of his family and how he was able to use the love for his family to be able survive concentration camp. In Frankl autobiography he so that people in live can deal with the hardest things as long as they have someone to love. In the literature book of poem Beast In the Apartment written by Tony Barnstone the poet. In this book writes about different types of poems so he can vent about the problems going on in his life. He talks about how he constantly falling in love with these women who he is having one night stands with. He talks about how he wonders why he can never meet the perfect girl for his self. He constantly is complaining about how a hopeless romantic is and how he keeps meeting all these girls who just want sex and to break his heart. Barstone is wrong about love because love is not a bad thing that cause nothing but pain and hurt Frankl shows that love can be one of the greatest thing in love to happen to someone because they can be rewarding and make your life feel complete giving you a reason to live. Frankl was a strong believer that love and caring for someone can make you with stand any horrible event because you will do it for someone else. “My mind still clung to the image of my wife. A thought crossed my mind: I didn’t even know if she were still alive. I knew only one thing whic... ... middle of paper ... ...out his wife had died he knew she was still looking after him. He knew their love did not die when one them died. Frankl knew even though his wife was died her love for her was so great that she would still be there for him even though she was not there physically for him. They saying there is no wrong way to love the opposite but that in it is wrong there is a wrong way to love the opposite sex and Barstone is the perfect example of that he loves women for all the wrong reasons. Frankl on the other hands love the opposite the right way most people these days might call him a wimp or just a guy on a leash but he got to experience something that people like Barstone will never get to experience life and that is true love. Even if you think your loving your girlfriend or wife right maybe you should actually think about because their might be a way to love her better.
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