Marijuana is an illegal drug used by people to escape reality and in order to relax. While it seems as though the uses of marijuana are purely recreational, it has many positive medical and industrial applications that the government should utilize. In addition to its uses, marijuana is also a viable candidate as a source of income for the United States because of the tax revenue they can collect from it. To pass a law legalizing marijuana for recreational and medical uses is a logical response to the government’s current economical standing, as well as its current prison capacity.
Marijuana has many different uses, but when the topic of marijuana arrives in conversation many people oppose its’ legalization. Moral reasons, which likely arose round the same time the “War on Drugs” began, are the leading factor in their opposition. Drug abuse feeds the opposition of legalized marijuana, but what the opposition should take into consideration is that the drug itself is not bad. The people that break the law to use the drug are undisciplined and do not know how to limit the use of the drug; hence, the drug is not at fault. In addition to its recreational uses, marijuana has many medical applications that are favorable for its legalization. Because of the numbing effects marijuana has on a person’s body and senses, people use marijuana as a pain reliever. Although marijuana is used not only to numb a person’s sense, but to aid people with eating disorders because it increases appetite, as well as to cure the ails of several diseases. Cancer patients have used marijuana for its pain-relieving properties when other medications are ineffective to help with nausea and general pains. In retrospect, the medical properties of marijuana far out...

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...ments, they are prospectively aiding all those who are involved in the marijuana business save money. Therefore, the nation will monetarily prosper from the legalization of marijuana.
Taking into consideration all the positive influences bestowed on the economy and overall well-being of the people of the United States, the government legalizing marijuana is a logical decision. The tax revenue brought in by marijuana will help lessen the amount of debt the United States currently finds itself. While many people have concerns about the effects of marijuana, once legalized it is likely they will diminish, and the jobs created will help unemployed personnel; moreover, the government will save money not putting as much money into the prison systems. While the legalization of marijuana may not harbor entirely positive effects, there are many apparent positive aspects.
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