racial equality

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In 1976, The Race Relations Act gives you a statutory general duty to promote race equality, according to equalityhumanrights.com. Looking back on history I realized the importance of racial equality. I believe that all people should be treated equally. Race should not matter. Everyone should have the right to be treated fairly and be heard. I hope that one day, when a person looks at another they won't judge or stereotype them until they actually meet them. The color of someone’s skin should not make one feel any less than the person beside them. Slavery in the United States ended in the late 19th century, institutionalized racism continued to afflict African Americans even decades later. By mid-20th century, blacks were still forced to use separate public restrooms and schools from the preferable ones withdrawn for whites; they also suffered discrimination in employment and housing and they were unable to entirely act their right to vote. A person known for in history during this time; Martin Luther King, King emphasized the importance of equal opportunities among all races, wheth...
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