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In the beginning of the story, Janie is stifled and does not truly reveal her identity. When caught kissing Johnny Taylor her nanny marries her off to Logan Killicks.While married to Killicks Janie didn’t make any decisions for herself and displays no personality. She always followed Killicks rules to being a good house wife. After getting tired of living life without love Janie took a brave leap and ran away form Killicks for Jody Starks. . When Joe came down the road, She saw things were different than what she had with Killicks. Jody stood for things she found fascinating. “…He spoke for far horizon. He spoke for change and chance.” ;(29). And although Jody did not represent the Pear tree which symbolized Janie’s ideal complementary man, He was more than what Killicks offered. Starks is a smooth talking power hungry man who also never allowed Janie express her real self. He made it sound as if she would have been living the life she always wanted and the love she wanted so badly. Eatonville community looked at Janie as the typical woman who tends to her husband and their house. She tried her best not to be the woman she was in her last marriage but when she started to fight back Killicks would hit her.”Ah thought you would ‘preciate good treatment. Thought Ah’d take and make somethin’ outa yuh. You think youse white folks by de way you act." (4.42) logan thinks that black woman aren’t supposed to demand any respect or good treatment and ought to be happy as her husband’s work and demands anything better. Janie does not want to be accepted into the society as the average wife, but she quietly continued to be who she was not and ok killicks his death bed right before he dies, Janie expressed her suppressed anger. All this an...

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... of herself. Her grandmother had told her that her mother had been raped by the towns school teacher who was a white man. Even though she was black she had beautiful hair which sometimes gave her an advantage over other village women. The novel mentioned Janie’s beautiful hair repeatedly having it become a symbol in the novel but expressing different meanings most times .Her encounter with Mrs Turner . "You’se different from me. Ah can’t stand black niggers. Ah don’t blame de white folks from hatin’ ‘em ‘cause Ah can’t stand ‘em mahself. ‘Nother thing, Ah hates tuh see folks lak me and you mixed up wid ‘em. Us oughta class off." .Mrs Turner was the racial character in the novel but althought Janie looked like them but had a different texture of hair Mrs Turner didn’t not consider her as a “black nigger.”

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