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The Corruption of Media Violence
A discussion about whether media violence leads to actual violence is being passed around worldwide. It has been said that a combination betwixt peer pressure and media violence is a dynamic component of the complexity of violent behavior. From the information I gathered on the subject, I have come to a conclusion that media violence equates to actual behavior.
One of the affects that media violence has on people is that it can alter innate senses, especially those of children. The author of the article entitled, “Violence in the Media-”, states that,” children become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others” (1). Basically, the kids that are exposed to media violence are most likely to become future bullies. Also, the author of the same article claims that it, “…can desensitize people to in the real world…” (1). Violence retained form media causes people to lack sensitivity. Not only are children’s senses being corrupted, but adults’ are also being affected.
Exposure to mediocre behavior in media is an over looked disadvantage. In the article entitled, “Peer Pressure, Media Fuel Youth Violence”, by Susie L. Morris, she implies that, “Myers-Walls observes the new reality television trend instills in youth a sense of ‘unreality’ that is void of any consequences for actions” (2). She is explaining how violence on television is causing today’s youth to think won’t have consequences for their actions because the cast members don’t. The vulgar behaviors of the casts of movies and TV shows are mimicked by people, and the issue is being unrealized by many.
Video games also play a role in violent behavior. In the article entitled,” Violence in the Media-“, the unknown author reports that,”… ...

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... the behavior of teens,” (1). As a result of negative media exposure from celebrities getting praised for their violent behavior worldwide, common people think that if the actors could get away with it then so could they. COME BACK FOR CL.
From many TV shows and other media networks broadcasting vulgar behavior as comedy, teen are starting to record their fights and unmannerly conduct and post them on sites to be discovered. In the article entitled, “Peer Pressure, Media Fuels Youth Violence”, Susie L. Morris, the author, states how teens are,”… concentrating on entertainment and impressing each other and the camera,” (1). Consequently, more teens are beginning to crave the attention they receive from their acts of vulgarity, so they keep doing it.
All in all, no matter how violent behavior is dissected, it is still evident that media violence is the main factor.
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