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Negative Effects on Video Games
Throughout people’s lives there is always something that causes a negative effect. Much like violence on TV, video games has negative effects. One of the biggest problems recently is video games causing negative effects on our society.
Playing Video Games and Violence
Playing video games and violence are very common, yet some people are still not sure what video games are and what they do or cause. In the article “Negative Effects on Video Games’’ by Roy D. Silva, the author states, “Video games are very addictive and they can also lead to tragic consequences’’ (1). This is a sadly, but real fact about how our society acts towards video games. Also in the article, Silva continues explaining that “people who play video games tend to become habitated, or are in violent scenes’’ (Silva 1). Almost every game that I played involves violence or something that involved with a bad example. As a result, violence is the main attraction of video games.
Violence in video games
Also knowing that video games contain violence, almost everything in our society is surrounded by violence. In the article “Negative effects of Video Games” by Roy D. Silva the author states “the vast majority of video games on the market, nearly 90 percent by some contain violent scenes’’(Silva 2). The company’s from the video games can actually do something to change the fact that most games contain violence, but yet nothing really changes and continues even adding more violence into games. Roy D. Silva resumes in the article “Negative effect of video games’’ Silva says “thought violence in videogames has no actual consequences, many times its pretended as fun or comical’’ (Silva 2). Believe it or not but that’s how teenagers and chi...

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...rganization’’(Kelly 2). People tend to get very violent when something doesn’t go there way while playing video games. Also, In the article “Video Game an Overview” by Graig Wagener, Geraldine the author points out “ Video game addiction is often a symptom of an underlying emotional or physocalogical issue such as depression or anxiety, and sometimes goes hand in hand with defiance, ADHD, and other conditions’’(Wagner 1). Many of these effects that people receive over game are really harmful and can lead to bad functioning. In conclusion the author try’s to inform us what else can be bad for us, and what can happen to us if we continue to get addicted to these video games.
In conclusion as the amount of video games increase, the amount of violence is added. There are many to prevent violent behaviors or risk of causing and addiction and negative effects on society.

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