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The Negative Effects from Using Social Networking Sites
Social networking site are used by teen all over the world. Many people aren’t aware of the negative consequences. Social networking sites have negative effects on teens because of isolation, behavior, and predation
To start off, isolation decreases self-esteem in teens and social networking sites are known to cause isolation. In the article “Social Networking Websites Isolate People,” the author, Jennifer Sexton says, “The rise of social networking websites may cause people to isolate, removing them from natural social situations and marooning them in front of computer monitor where they are barraged with advertising and online predator.”(Sexton 6)She says this to show people that once you are faced with isolation you will also be faced with other things such as predation and behavior change. Sexton also says, “Suffering from this disorder can often be extremely isolating. There are negative consequences to your self-esteem, reliability; and productivity (up to 157 million lost working days a year, according to the National Headache Foundation).”(Sexton 7) Sexton says this to show the reader the consequences of being isolated. Therefore, isolation is caused by the social networks and there can be consequences such as decrease in self- esteem.
Isolation creates loneliness in teens as well. In the article entitle “Facebook and Twitter Feed Anxiety” published in The Telegraph on November 23, the author, Laura Donnelly claims, “Social websites has also been shown to delay the growth of interpersonal skills in teens. This can result later difficulty I in creating and maintaining real relationships.”(Donnelly 4) Laura is informing the public that isolation can affect teen’s soci...

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...hat there is a direct Relationship between the frequency of cyberbullying and negative psychosocial characteristics and behavior problems.”(Mathew 3) Clearly, Mathew states that many teens are getting bullied Mathew also explains, “Cyberbullies exploit this need the children have to go on the internet. They use it to their advantage to torment their victims. The bullies can sit at home and leave messages on any of the hundreds of social media sites kids frequently use.” (Mathew 3)Cyberbullies take advantage of kids and can bully them through any site. Therefore, many teens are faced with cyberbullies.
Thus, by using social networking sites teens are faced with consequences. Social networking sites have negative effects on teen because of isolation, Behavior, and predation. Social networks isolate teens and change behavior in them also they are faced with predators.