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Video Game Addict Video games are real addicting. Video games are very addicting and fun. “It’s addicting so it’s bad because that’s all you do all day and don’t want to do anything just play all day and be lazy.” It’s fun because you take your mind off of things and just have fun but also very addicting depending on the game you might be playing. So it’s not always good to play every day twenty four seven. Video games sometimes help relax your mind and take all your stress out of your body. “It’s also depending on the game you play like this game called Candy Crush.” It relaxes you and lets all your stress out it could be good or people that always tress and never relax. People always play video games to relax and have a little fun. These videogames are relaxing because of just what games they are, depending if they are fun or not. Even though games help you relax and have time off things, ‘video games are also bad for the mind.” If you play violent games its bad because you will want to try and do it in real life. You can get into real deep trouble if you try to be violent and c...
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