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Video Games
This generation kids are addicted to video games. Video games are simulations where the player has control. These video games have negative effects on people Video games affect people in negative ways; they cause bad behavior, bad social life, and brain effects.
Video Games Affect People’s Behavior
Children become more aggressive. In “Can Playing Video Games be Harmful to Your Kids” Manshacher stated, “There is increased risk of being aggressive and normalizing aggressive behavior if violence-based games are played.”(P27). In this quote it shows how playing violent video games can affect their behavior. Also, in “Harmful Effects of Video Game” Bora Chandramita states, “People who played a violent video game for three consecutive days showed increases ingressive behavior and hostile exactions each day they played...”(pg2) This indicates that playing for a period at time can affect your behavior. Clearly, playing video games can change your behavior.
Violent video games can change children’s actions. In the article entitled “Can Playing Video Games be Harmful to Your Kids “ Manshacter said, “According to a 2008 Harns Interactive Poll, 23% of kids admitted the actually felt addicted to playing video games.”(P).After playing video games kids could get addicted of playing these video games. She also says, “He may follow what is called the “game mentally”….your child hears negative comments online between gamers or about the game itself then your child is more likely to change the way he feels”(pg28) Hearing negative things online can affect how they react to verbal offensives. As a result video games affects the way children feel or act after playing.
Bad Social Life can be caused by Video Games
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...learly, video games are associated with problems you get after playing for a long period of time.
Video games can be an entertaining fun activity, but good things don’t last forever. Users should be encouraged to stop using video games. People playing video games can be affected by having bad behavior, bad social life, and brain effects.

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