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YouTube, a Helpful Website to Anyone in the World
YouTube is a video-sharing website used by people all over the world. However, many people feel like it is a useless website. YouTube is very helpful to society by spreading out news, giving entertainment, and it is also safe for children.
YouTube Helps Our Society Everyday
Lots of crimes have been solved with the help of YouTube. In the article “ YouTube: The Latest Crime Solver” the author states, “More than 40 police departments across the country are turning to YouTube, the popular video repository of social media to communicate with the public and catch criminals” (Diblasio2). This is an example of how YouTube helps our society and shows that the website is very helpful to the people who go after criminals. Additionally, the author also says, “Posting surveillance videos to YouTube gives news media instant access so they can spread the footage quickly” (Diblasio2). This is another way the website helps police officers. Clearly, these few out of many examples prove that YouTube is helpful to our society.
YouTube spreads news and entertainment quickly. This claim is supported by a statement from the article “YouTube Era Creates New Metric for Billboards”, “YouTube, the free video sharing bulletin founded in 2005 by three former PayPal employees, is where it all happens” (Gonyea1). If YouTube is “where it all happens” there are many viewers that watch the videos with would spread the media rapidly. Also, the author stated, “Baver’s ‘Harlem Shake’ has taken the top spot mostly because of views on YouTube” (Gonyea2). This proves that YouTube does have an effect on the number of views of news and entertainment. Obviously, YouTube has a major impact when it comes to helping sprea...

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...d worldwide has millions of viewers. It is a big part of our society and is very helpful by spreading news, being entertaining while being safe for children. Anyone who feels as if YouTube is not a useful website should consider giving it another try.

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