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Question 3
Through my experience dealing with unfocused and disruptive students I have learned the skills to deal with the student in my connections class. When many people come across this kind of situation they assume the student is purposely trying to be disruptive, and their first instinct is to address the students disruptiveness. To me this kind of situation means so much more than a student purposely being disruptive. As I have found through my work as a snowboard instructor more times than not the source of a student having trouble focusing or disrupting class is very underlying. This situation calls for an alternative and in-direct approach to find what is going on with the student.
When teaching a snowboarding lesson to kids it is inevitable that every so often I get a student that has a short attention span or is being disruptive. For ninety nine percent of these types of students, no matter how many times I tell them to pay attention or stop disrupting the lesson, it doesn’t work. After struggling with these students I needed to find a new way to take care of the issue....

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