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Question 2 Of all the advice that one could give to an incoming freshman, I believe that the most important is to make mistakes. Not only to make mistakes but to learn from them. At first this sounds very misleading but when you break it down there are many benefits to making mistakes that allow one to be very successful. Through making mistakes, one can learn skills such as how to seek resources, find a balance, and expand as a person. When starting out at the University of Oregon there are many things that I had to adjust to. We all have to face it at one point in our first term, that college is far different than high school. We no longer have our parents here to help us get up in the morning or when to come home each night. I found this out the hard way. One night I stayed up too late with my friends watching a movie. I was so tired that night, I had forgotten to set an alarm for the next day. This resulted in me missing class the next morning. Missing that one class truly hurt me in all aspects: I had to chase down others from the class to get notes, spend extra time in office...

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