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Question 1
Through out my experiences working with students as a snowboard instructor, I have gained the skills and characteristics that will benefit my students greatly. Throughout my first term the FIG experience that I received was incredible. My FIG Assistant was very helpful and provided me with great resources to aid my success thus far. The experience was so amazing that it has influenced my drive to become an FA myself. I would love to provide incoming freshman with the same experience that I had, and hopefully an even better one. Through out my work as an instructor and my FIG experience, I have learned that the strongest characteristic one can hold is the harnessing and application of all their characteristics to provide others with great experiences and a life time of memories.
There are many positive experiences that I would be able to transfer from my FIG and FA, to one of my own. My FA provided me with a sense of belonging. Through resources and his outgoing personality, he made me aware of the many options and activities around campus that would make me successful, inside and out of the classroom. Whether it was a tutoring center on campus or a cool activity at the recreation center, whenever I needed help my FA always showed me helpful outlets and resources. After having such an amazing FA I found that I had a new urge to provide the same great experience and hopefully a better one to incoming freshman.
From my experience as a snowboard instructor I have learned that there is always room for improvement. A stronger sense of community in my FIG would have helped me both academically and socially by making my transition to college smoother. For my FIG students, I would like to allow them to become comfortable wit...

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...o apply the many great techniques and characteristics that I learned from my FA, as well as use new techniques in areas that I wanted to gain from my own FIG experience. Overall, I have many great characteristics to provide the FIG program and my students, with a little help and guidance I would be able to achieve my goal to become the best FA that I could.

What helped me become a great instructor is having a plan, learning about other techniques and skills from others and apply your own.

I would not have been able to apply these skills into my teaching without my friendly and outgoing personality etc. My ability and drive to provide others with great experiences as well as the resources to make things easy to achieve, all with a plan to back it up. Overall I feel with a little help and guidance I would be able to achieve my goals and would make an amazing FA.

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