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the Xbox 360 will be HD-DVD compatible. Get the full story at GamesIndustry.biz.

Who Needs Sight?: How would you feel if someone totally beat the ever-loving waste products out of you while you were playing a game...and they were facing away from the screen? Well, folks who set themselves up for a challenge with 17 year-old Brice Mellen may have to deal with those questions. You see, Brice is blind but has been playing games his entire life, and as a result, is probably a lot better than you in Mortal Kombat Annihilation and Soul Calibur 2. Meet the ultimate gamer at Yahoo! News.

Google Wars: A dispute between Canada and Denmark over a tiny island near Greenland (which is a territory of Denmark, despite being larger than the entire European nation) is being fought online via ads on Google, which point to letters of protest centered around the dispute. Find out the full story on Yahoo! News.

Wall Of Shame: Chicago's new way of humiliating those caught soliciting a prostitute in their city may be effective at making the perpetrators feel ashamed, but the practice of posting the names and photos of those caught before they're tried has come under scrutiny by law enforcement officials and attorneys. Those actions violate a person's constitutional right to a fair trial by punishing them before they are proven guilty. Read the whole story at Law.com.

From The N-Side: At most companies, divulging corporate secrets could get one in boiling hot water, but if you've ever wanted to find out why some of the more peculiar decisions were made at Nintendo over the years, here's your chance. N-Sider has an article that reveals the reasons behind such odd happenings such as the Virtual Boy and the Game Boy-only sequel to Kid Icarus, plus more.

Seeing Infrared: A hacker known as Major Malfunction online has revealed to the world exactly how easy it is to hack into one's personal information anytime information is transmitted via an infrared signal, such as in hotel room computers and car door locks. Find out what you're missing if you're not plugged in to DefCon at Wired.

Best Name Ever: Even if you're already way past the whole 'birds and the bees' conversation stage in your life, you've got to chuckle at the name for the sequel to the Nintendo DS title Feel the Magic.
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