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Approach of online shopping as Taobao
Similar to Amazonm, Taobao is the biggest Chinese website for online shopping which belongs to Alibaba Group,. For its efficient and easy communication with online sellers via Aliwangwang, the trade manager of the website, and customer-oriented category of goods, students are attractive to sign in Taobao and spent a considerable amount of time on it, thereby consuming time of AIS study as a result.

Data collection
In respect of collecting sample data about the login times of a student in a day, we take the advantage of “My Track”, one of the existed features of Taobao Website, originally used for customers’ browsing and transaction history query. To enter the interface of “My Track”, as a logged-in user, click this name tab under the personal file option. This is available for both mobile devices and personal computers users.
For each user, the website would provide a virtualized history form for the nearest 30-day records of goods either are browsed or transacted, sorted by date. To acquire specific one-day history of a stude...

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