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Cities are the dwellings and ideal examples of how our world is shaped and impacted through the flow of people from around the world. Within these cities, urban culture and economies emerge, grow and branch out. From deindustrialization to the creation of urban culture and hip hop or the impact of immigrants on the country they choose to reside in, these are the factors that reflect globalization both in the United States and abroad as well as perpetuate it. As manufacturing intensified from World War II, so was the flock of U.S. citizens to the larger cities. The spike in industrialization meant more jobs in large cities where the factories were located. This was Keynesianism in full effect, more employment, more spending. What happened was in the late 1960s and the failure to sustain the Keynesianism policies and the economy began to crumble. Wise spread unemployment, failing businesses and fiscal deficits; the early 1970s was known as, “The Second Slump,” the first being the Great Depression (Soja, Morales and Wolff, 199). In cities all over the country, especially New York, fede...
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